Let Me Tell You About My Best Friend

When I was in college I met my best friend. We were roommates our freshman year. Both came from small towns. We had similar background and just about everything in common. We spent all our time together. Even our boyfriends were best friends. We took turns going to each others hometowns when we went home. Both of our families got to know one another and it was just perfect.

We both had active sex lives and told one another everything. Well, one day she told me her boyfriend wanted her to have sex with a girl. He thought it would be hot. So naturally she asked me to be her partner. We did everything together ya know. As soon as she kissed me it was like a fire started in me. I had never felt so much passion with my boyfriend. When she touched me it sent electric currents through my body. I was instantly wet and begging for more. She ended up being the best lover I ever had. See all the hot lesbian action and get this Girls Way 67% off instantly deal.

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