Not Letting A Virgin Off The Hook


When Felipe saw his new teaching assistant he knew he had to try putting the moves on her. She had piercing blue eyes and a smile that could light up a room… but then all of his assistants had these same qualities. He wouldn’t take them on if they didn’t.


She, as it would turn out, was an untouched angel. A virgin. Something so very rare in college. He played mind games with her. She thought he was just trying to take things slow and be a gentleman. In reality he was seducing her in a way that would allow him to consume every part of her being.


When it came time for them to finally have sex he let her get on top of him. This made her feel like she was in control. All the while it was he that was in control. He wanted to cum inside her unprotected belly and he knew the only way that was going to happen was to make her think she was the one that absolutely needed him.


When he finally came inside her Addison felt strangely at peace. It was as if she could handle anything life threw at her. She got what she had wanted and if he wanted more than that then it wasn’t so bad to give it to him.

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