Finally Legal and Ready to Fornicate

My new neighbors have a daughter who just turned 18. I was chatting with them one day when the mom mentioned it, and almost instantly, the dad gave me a hard stare. He knew right where my mind had gone. If I had a daughter, his mind would have done the same.

As fun as the idea is to entertain, it’s never going to happen. After heading back inside my house though, I did go straight for my laptop so that I could watch some hardcore teen porn. I ended up coming across this offer to save $5 now with this discount from 18 Virgin Sex. I gave the site a look, saw all the great bonuses that came with it, and decided to give it a go. I have not regretted it!

Right away I found a model named Jenny Manson who looked enough like the neighbor girl that I felt both thrilled and ashamed to be jerking off watching her. It was great. You can always find more cute porn stars here too.

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