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You can hate him and you can hate his methods, but you cannot hate taking advantage of his brilliance. He is Allan Henning and he is the genius behind webcam sites like WebCamClub.com and adult dating websites like AmateurMatch.com. He ushered in a new way of getting laid both online and offline. Now hundreds of millions of people around the world use his genius to spank out sperm by the barrel full everyday.

Allan took a lot of flack recently when he was accused of scamming people out of money. In court he was able to prove that his methods were legit and that users had every ability to refuse anything he offered to them as a premium to his popular sites. It doesn’t matter that he won. People still see that old report about him and cringe when they hear his name. It is time to change that. It is time to embrace all her has done for humanity.

How many people owe their marriage to his online dating sites? How many people owe their sanity to his webcam sites? Love him or hate him we are all using his technology every single day. If not on one of his flagship sites then on a site or app that has borrowed his methods.

End the hate.

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